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Fuggin iTrack Easy Tile

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What is the Fuggin iTrack Easy Tile?

Have you ever forgot where you put your MOD or vape down and just.....walk away?  You likely figured that out too late, and now it's..............gone. 

Place a Fuggin iTrack Easy Tile on it and never wait until it's too late.  Set the Fuggin iTrack Easy Tile to easily alert you when you walk away.  Fuggin iTrack Easy Tile is a small Bluetooth device that can be attached to almost anything. With the iOS or Android app on your smart phone you can locate your lost or misplaced item easily.


Use the Fuggin iTrack Easy Tiles on examples below:

  • -MOD or Vapor Kit 
  • -Key
  • -Pet
  • Wallet
  • Purse
  • Computer
  • Pet
  • Car
  • Kid

iTrack List

iTrack List shows current status for all devices, such as 
-connected: iTrack is connect to the Phone
-connecting: iTrack is connecting to the Phone
-disconnected: iTrack is not connect to the Phone
-off: iTrack is Power off, you need hold the button on iTrack to turn it on again.
-mark as lost: After you mark the iTrack as lost, the iTrack network will find for you. You will be notified via a push notification whenever its location is updated.
-found: Your lost iTrack was found by our iTrack network

More information can be found here.


Package includes:

1x - Fuggin iTrack Easy Tile

2x - Batteries (1x installed. 1x backup)

1x - 3M double sided tape